medical nonwovens and laminates

Adhesive post operative wound dressings

We offer a full range of wound pads with various absorption rates for the production of adhesive post operative dressings. High absorbent thick and lofty wound pads are produced for ocular dressings.  All our products are laminated or coated with special low adherent layers, preventing them sticking to the wound.

  • Medical approved raw materials
  • Super absorbent fibres
  • Anti-bacterial fibres
  • High absorption capacity
  • Absorption rate less than one second
  • High retention
  • Multi-layer laminates
  • Low adherent layers like nets, films, non-wovens and coatings
  • Special backings in different colours, hydrofobic/ hydrophilic, MVTR
  • Aluminium and silver coated
  • Impregnation with anti microbial agents (Cetyl Pyrridinium Chloride, Chlorhexidine Digluconate, PHMB etc)
  • Sterilisable by gammaradiation, autoclave and ETO
  • Slitted rolls in every desired width or bulk rolls.
  • Direct use on converting machines
  • Pre-contamination controled by by internal and independent international laboratories